MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A rash of car break-ins was reported overnight at a warehouse in Southeast Memphis.

On Monday night, thieves targeted the food distribution company Sysco on BF Goodrich Boulevard near Lamar.

A worker tells us around 40 cars were broken into, all belonging to employees.

Police say the suspect got away with several guns, wallets, and an iPhone 13 mini.

The parking lot is surrounded by a chain link fence but part of the fence had been cut away and there were tire marks where someone appeared to have driven through the open fence.

Employees say this is the second time in recent weeks that cars in the parking lot have been broken into.

There appears to have been a security guard present. WREG crews saw a pickup truck with flashing lights on top and the decal Phelps security on the side.

A Sysco representative said the company is looking into additional security options. Their statement is below:

“The safety and security of Sysco colleagues is a critical priority and it’s important that our employees feel safe coming to work. We’re aware of the increase in crime near our property that is affecting the businesses community generally in the local area. We have security personnel on site and fencing around our property to safeguard our employees and Sysco assets and are evaluating additional options to protect Sysco colleagues, including working with local enforcement.”

Car burglaries are an ongoing epidemic in Memphis. Police say the thieves are looking for guns, and in 1 in 4 break-ins, they find one.