MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Residence living on one street in Raleigh say they are still waiting for storm debris to be picked up from February’s ice storm.

Branches and bags of leaves line this Raleigh cove.

Taylor Davidson-Phillips lives on Far View Cove. Driving in her subdivision the streets are clear. But when you make the turn into the cove, there’s pile after pile of leftover storm debris. It’s been sitting there for more than two months.

“We’ve not seen anybody. I think it took them about a month to pick up the rest of the neighborhood,” she said.

Dean Hulett to says she called 311 about the issue four times. An operator told her storm pick-up is still happening.

“And they’ll get to me when they can. So one Saturday I saw them in my neighborhood and I actually went and flagged them down and the guy told me, ‘we have to go by the map or we will get fired.'” Hulett said.

But still, no one ever made a pick-up.

“We had the fire department come out here the other day and was worried about the fire hydrant being covered up. And I was like, ‘we didn’t put it down here.'” Davidson-Phillips said.

Other women we talked to living in Highland Heights off Guernsey said they’re waiting for tree limb pick up too.

The storm that hit in February knocked out power at one point for more than a quarter-million customers.
The city of Memphis had to clear hundreds of downed trees.

We told the city about the cove’s debris issues Wednesday. In a statement, a spokesperson told us:

The city is still in the final phase of storm debris collections. Debris removal monitors and the contractor continue to inspect city neighborhoods before considering it complete to ensure that all eligible debris is removed from the customers’ curbside. The recent weeks of high winds and heavy rainfall have resulted in some neighborhoods  that may experience storm debris collection delays.  We have notified the contractor regarding this area and will keep you posted on any new update

City of Memphis

The city told us it will keep us posted with pickup updates.