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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — (WREG) Day two of power restoration is underway all across Shelby County as well as the Mid-South. 

At the height of the storm, tens of thousands were without electricity. Most of the outages have been fixed.

Many parts of the Mid-South were touched by tornadoes Friday night and into Saturday. Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas all experienced devastation when more than a dozen tornadoes tore through. 

It’s something this couple, Mary and Dayne, lived through, years back.

“Our hearts, go out.  We had a tornado hit our community about two years ago, and we really saw how the community come together to help care for those people who lost more than others,” Mary said.

That includes losing power during an already difficult time. There are concerns that desperate times could lead to desperate measures.

“People were burning stuff in their house to stay warm.  I could imagine that’s pretty terrifying, especially if you have a family,” Dayne said.

Memphis Light Gas and Water, said 54,518 customers were without electricity at the height of the storms.

“When there is a power outage, you realize how connected you are to power and needing the grid, and when it’s taken away suddenly, it’s really scary,” Mary said.

WREG weather expert Wendy Nations was also left in the dark after Friday night’s storms.

“I am one of those without power. It is going to be a very cold night across the Mid-South,” Wendy said.

MLGW said 52 crews are working to restore power to everyone. It’s not just turning on the lights that’s so important, but making sure the heat is on as we are preparing to dip into frigid temperatures.

MLGW said the estimated time for full restoration could come as soon as midnight Monday.

If you or someone you know is without power, do not assume the utility company knows. Instead, call 901-544-6500 to report it.