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UPDATE: Governor Tate Reeves is sending the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency to Holly Springs and surrounding areas in order to restore power.

They released the following statement on Twitter:
“At the direction of Governor Reeves, MEMA’s State Coordinating Officers is en route to Marshall County to assess the ongoing power outages. MEMA ha activated out State Emergency Operations Center. We are coordinating with local electrical power associations to bring in additional assistance for Holly Springs Utility District and surrounding areas to restore power. We are coordinating with a number of our state and federal partners to assist our north Mississippi residents. MEMA is on the move and will update as soon as we have more ground truth.” – Malary White, MEMA Chief Communications Officer


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Power and cell phone service are out for a large part of Holly Springs and Marshall County following three days of icy weather.    

Thursday morning, William Huddleston checked the generator that’s providing some power to his home in Mt. Pleasant in Marshall County.

“Power went off Tuesday morning about five minutes to six and still has not come back on yet,” he said.

It’s cold but Huddleston’s anger with Holly Springs Utility District has his blood boiling.

“We’ve called for information about it, trying to find out. They won’t tell us nothin’ and people around are tired of it,” he said.

HSUD crews were working in Holly Springs to restore power there and additional crews from Northeast Mississippi Electric Power Association were in town and ready to roll into the county.

It may be a while before customers get power back due to a large number of tree limbs and downed powerlines. With ice-covered tree limbs blocking many streets in Holly Springs, it’s been a matter of strangers working together to reach those who need help.

Northcentral Electric Cooperative said as of 4 p.m., it has 101 outages leaving more than 2,100 people without power. As for the Holly Springs Utility Department, we were told at last check they had at least 1,000 customers without power.

A warming center has been opened at the Eddie L. Smith Multipurpose Building on North Memphis Street in Holly Springs.