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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG)— The man who told Memphis police he wanted to shoot “as many people as he could just like on TV” appeared in court on Monday morning.

Elijah Hyman was in court facing thirty counts of attempted murder and other charges after he admitted he was planning to shoot concert-goers as they left FedExForum after Yo Gotti’s Birthday Bash.

Hyman’s lawyer entered a plea of not guilty citing mental health issues.

“Mr. Hyman reached out for help, 911 actually flagged down an officer for help, he was in crisis,” Hyman’s Lawyer Leslie Ballin said.

Hyman was initially placed on a $50,000 bond which his parents posted. However before he could be released, an order was sent down to hold him without bond.

“He is going to stay in custody, he is not going to asked to be released on bond. That is for his safety and more importantly the safety of the community,” Ballin said.

Hyman is expected to receive a mental evaluation within the next three weeks before going before the judge again.

Memphis police say they found several weapons, including a rifle with a scope and suppressor, inside his residence at the Chisca Apartments which overlooks the FedEx Forum.

Hyman’s lawyers said they are not sure if the guns he had inside of his apartment were legally his or not.

“I am concerned about that but the law is now you don’t need a permit you don’t need anything, you just pass a background check and you can get as many weapons as you want there is no need for a gun permit,” Ballin said.

Hyman’s lawyer says despite the guns and the broken window with binoculars lying next to it, they don’t believe he actually took any steps towards hurting anyone.

His next court date is Aug. 8.

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