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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – A Memphis man is facing a serious charge after police say he shot at his own mother when she wouldn’t give him any money.

Investigators said Colby McCraw opened fire on his mom when he went to see her at a Hickory Hill home on Friendly Way.

They said the 22-year-old asked her for money but she wouldn’t give it to him. So, he pulled a gun and fired a shot at her car while she was sitting in the driver’s seat. 

Police said McCraw fired several more shots in an unknown direction while his mom ran into the house. Thankfully, she wasn’t hit and neither was anyone else.

Roderick White lives across the street. He said his children were playing in the garage and ran inside screaming when they heard the shots. 

“They told me get down! Get down! Get down!” White said. “I’m paralyzed. So, all I could do is sort of roll out of the chair and lay down and we got down on the floor.”

Latesha Oliver lives a couple houses down. She said she can’t believe anyone would shoot at their mother. 

“I couldn’t imagine what that would be like having two boys of my own,” Oliver said. “I couldn’t imagine. So, it’s definitely a terrible situation.”

The incident happened in December but McCraw wasn’t arrested until Wednesday. He was charged with aggravated assault. Oliver hopes the family rift can be mended.

“I’m just hoping they can all come back from it,” she said. “I’m glad no one was hurt and, hopefully, they can find a way to move on from this.”

According to court records, McCraw has a prior charge for carjacking.

WREG went to the home on Friendly Way but no one there wanted to speak with us.