MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A traffic stop turned into a wild encounter for a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper and a good Samaritan on Sunday that eventually landed a man behind bars.

A man is behind bars after police say he tried to get away from a highway patrol officer who pulled him over by stealing the truck of another driver who tried to help.

Memphis Police said 20-year-old Elihue Anderson was driving an Infiniti with bogus drive-out tags on Highway 51 when they pulled him over Sunday. Officers said a strong odor of marijuana was coming from his car.

Police said that Anderson seemed distracted and nervous, and that’s when police noticed a red backpack inside the car, which they said contained a 9mm handgun and a bag containing 13.9 grams of marijuana.

According to police, as soon as the officer placed Anderson in his car to detain him, Anderson ran away.

During the chase, police said a good Samaritan attempted to stop Anderson as well, but he tried to take the man’s Ram truck in the process.

Police said Anderson tried to shift the truck into gear and accelerate, but the owner of the vehicle stopped him from driving away.

The truck rolled across the northbound lanes of Highway 51 and into a ditch, suffering minor damage.

William Mann, who saw troopers in the area, is glad no one was seriously hurt.

“That’s good on them but it’s kinda the troopers job. You know he could’ve got hurt. Unless you’re really trained in that aspect I really think it’s more of try to mind your business on that one,” Mann said. “I’m not really super surprised considering how close we are to Memphis but that’s pretty crazy. It could’ve definitely been a lot worse.”

Anderson has been charged with, carjacking, evading arrest, possession of a controlled substance, altering, falsifying or forging auto plates, operating a car with reflectorized windows and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Anderson is currently being held on $250,000 bond. He is due back in court later this week.