COVINGTON, Tenn.– Police are looking for someone who fired shots at a home in Covington over the weekend.

Covington Police showed up to a shots fired call off Walters Street on Sunday where detectives said they discovered more than 40 cartridge casings in the road.

Neighbor Hal Love has lived in his home for nearly 30 years. When he heard the shots, he ducked but he also immediately thought to protect himself. 

“I went and got my handgun and waited for the police to show up,” Love said. “It didn’t last long. They just unloaded and left.”

Police said no one has been living at the house at the time of the chaos since a fire tore through the place.

Covington’s Police Chief said she’s thankful no one was injured in that shooting, but she’s asking for the public’s help Tuesday by asking people to check their home surveillance systems. She said those cameras could’ve caught something crucial to help investigators get a break in the case.

Detectives said while there’s no confirmed motive for the shooting, a family member was recently released on bond in connection to a 2020 gang-related homicide in Covington. In that case, there was a similar drive-by shooting that could be related to this incident. 

That shooting is also under investigation.

Witnesses said a light-colored car was seen leaving the scene.

Photo provided by the Covington Police Department

If you know anything, call Covington Investigations Division at 901-475-1261 or you can submit a tip to police through Facebook messenger.