MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There was a large police presence Wednesday at Double Tree Elementary School in southwest Memphis, as anxious parents lined up outside the school.

Officials with Memphis Police and Memphis schools have not released or confirmed any details about why police were at the school, but rumors were spreading among parents.

Memphis Police said they were investigating a call of a suspicious person.

Cathryn Stout, chief of communications with MSCS, spoke at the scene, saying:

“Every child inside Double Tree Elementary and all our staff are safe. Our kids are actually in class. We are working with Memphis Police Department on an ongoing investigation so unfortunately there’s not much information that we can share at this moment, but I did want to let parents know that every child in the building and all the staff in the building are safe at this time.”

When asked whether every child was accounted for, Stout reiterated that every child in the building was safe.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the school district said they are still gathering information but at this time, it does not appear that there was an abduction.

This is a developing story. WREG will provide more updates as they become available.