MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Memphis Police are investigating a string of car break-ins that happened in the parking lot of a Cordova restaurant.

Broken glass shows the aftermath of multiple car break-ins Wednesday evening outside Te’kila Mexican Bar & Grill on Germantown Parkway.

Broken glass in the parking lot after multiple car break-ins outside Te’kila Mexican Bar & Grill.

A woman posted a warning online letting people know she went into the Te’kila’s to have dinner on and when she came out several cars in the parking lot had been ransacked.

In total Memphis police say five vehicles were reported vandalized.

Michael Harris who lives in the area said with holiday shoppers flocking to Cordova, crooks are looking to steal your joy and gifts.

“It’s tragic you just got to protect yourself at all time.. it’s that time of the year,” he said. “It’s a shame you can’t go out and have a good time.”

A shopper named Sherry is sending a stern message to the suspects.

“Stop what you are doing. Get out and get you a job,” she said.

She said as crime gets worse she wants to see city leaders and the community come together.

“When I leave everyday to get in my car, I’m praying lord let me make it home safe and sound…not for me but for everybody,” she said.

For Harris when it comes to staying safe, he said the earlier you go out the better.

“As you get older you want to be out have a good time but 7 o’clock I’m in the house.. 8 o’clock.. I’m in the house,”

WREG did speak with the owner of the restaurant. He said there are surveillance cameras and he’s reached out to see if additional lights can be added to the parking lot.