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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Fed up with the crazy driving around Memphis? Here’s your sign.

Memphis Police Department is handing out yard signs by the hundreds with big, bold, yellow letters reading “Slow Down Memphis.”

“We would like to get these yard signs placed in every household in every neighborhood that would like to have them,” said MPD Col. Keith Watson.

In just days, they’ve received hundreds of requests.

“Supply and demand is through the roof. I can’t get the signs fast enough to keep up with the citizens wanting signs for entire neighborhoods,” Watson said.

The signs are part of a traffic enforcement operation that recently launched.

“In 2020, we’ve seen things happen over the spring break where we had an increase of reckless driving and drag racing to occur in the city,” Watson said.

He thinks having fewer people on the road and boredom during stay at home orders led to the increase, and led to Memphis reporting the most fatal accidents in the state last year. In all, there were 38,000 crashes reported in 2020.

“We knew going into 2021, we had to make a comprehensive plan,” Watson said.

The plan will involve every police precinct as well as the Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, making sure they are visible on roadways.

He said the signs are part of the plan to engage the community and spread awareness.

“To show support, to show this is an issue in our city and we can correct it,” said Watson.

You can get the signs at the traffic bureau where the old Raleigh Springs Mall used to be, or you can reach out to your precinct.

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