MEMPHIS, Tenn. – – Two Memphis men are facing serious charges after police say they found several stolen cars at their Whitehaven home.

18-year-old Jamal Terrell and 21-year-old Robert Holmes are charged with theft.

Investigators say they stole several vehicles including a black Infiniti that was taken from a downtown apartment complex on G.E. Patterson last week.

Investigators say they found that Infiniti Tuesday at the Whitehaven home on Pickett Cove. They say officers tried to stop the car but the driver sped away.

So, the officers came back a day later and claimed they spotted Terrell getting out of the car. They told him to wait but he ran into the home. 

Police caught him minutes later and, after further investigation, they took Holmes into custody too. Investigators say they found three stolen cars outside the house along with a stash of guns, drugs and ammunition inside the house. They also claim they found several key fobs to brand new vehicles that weren’t on the property.

Tyrone J. has lived in the neighborhood for a long time. He says he’s known Terrell and Holmes since they were kids. 

“It hurt my heart, period!” he said.

He hopes the alleged crimes don’t cost the young men their futures.

“I’d like to see them get jobs (but) criminal record, no jobs,” he said. “It’s going to be hard for them to live for the rest of they life.”

Investigators say they also found handcuff keys in the house. WREG knocked at the residence to see if any relatives were home but no one answered the door.