MEMPHIS, Tenn. — After two collapsed walkways and a fire within one month, Peppertree Apartments’ lawyer told a judge they have made temporary repairs to keep more damage from happening.

“They have braced several of the walkways,” Ben Sissman said. “We haven’t completed the work yet. As everybody knows, it is hard to get workmen and materials to do the job.”

Lawyers with the city of Memphis said while there have been braces put up in some locations, they are still concerned and want to make sure they do more than just prevent the structures from collapsing further.

“There needs to be braces that people can walk on,” Chief Legal Officer Jennifer Sink said. “People are living there. They need to be able to get access to their apartment. They need to be able to leave their apartment. They need safety exits in the event of a fire.”

Peppertree representatives said the braces are safe. For areas that can not be fixed, they are moving tenants to other buildings.

“We’re bracing the stairwells so that they are safe to walk up and down,” Sissman said. “The fire department have requested, and we have moved several people where they can be made safe.”

A judge warned on Friday that he would close the “crime-plagued” complex if changes aren’t made soon. Today, city lawyers also warned the complex could be shut down if the structural safety of the complex is not improved.

“Whether of not this building is savable is in the hands of the management team and the owners,” Sink said. “If they are willing to put the money required to repair it then it is savable. So far, they have not demonstrated that.”

Despite that, the judge held off fining Peppertree apartments to give them more time to make repairs.

Another hearing will be held Thursday to get a report of the progress at the complex.