MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We are hearing from an embattled lawmaker about his next steps just two days after he was expelled from office. Representative Justin J. Pearson is speaking out after this move, which continues gaining national attention.

The former state rep said he is unapologetic about his actions, and he is prepared to do what he can to reclaim his seat as the representative for district 86.

Pearson was one of three lawmakers facing expulsion and they would eventually become known as “the Tennessee three.”

However, he and Nashville-area representative Justin Jones were expelled, after leading a protest on the house floor, using a bullhorn, where they called for gun control.

The third representative, Gloria Johnson, was not expelled. Since then, support has been pouring from across the county, including from President Biden, and Vice President Harris, who met with Pearson and the other two reps on Friday.

Pearson said he still stands by his behavior on the house floor.

“If the cost is expulsion for elevating the issues of our community, if the cost is expulsion for saying we have to end gun violence, if the cost is expulsion for saying that the NRA doesn’t dictate our lives, if that’s the cost, then I would take that cost again,” Pearson said. 

Pearson could possibly be appointed by the Shelby County Commission as early as next week to represent district 86; however, he still would need to win a special election.