SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. – – Local pastor Brett Frans has mixed emotions after the man accused of nearly killing him, Jonathan Lee, was convicted of attempted murder this week.

“It’s just heartbreaking even though it’s justice,” Frans said. “They called and let (my wife and I) know the verdict. Actually, both of us wept.”

Prosecutors said the incident happened late one night in 2019 when Frans’ wife looked out the window of their Millington home and saw Lee trying to break into her car.

“I went outside to see what was going on,” Frans said.

That’s when Lee allegedly opened fire and hit Frans in his side and right eye. Frans, also armed with a gun, returned fire as he fell to the ground and hit Lee in his abdomen before Lee got in his own car and sped away.

“It was a crazy situation,” Frans said.

Frans was lucky to survive.

“The doctors that dealt with me, all of them said I shouldn’t be alive. I said maybe I shouldn’t be dead,” Frans said. “It was truly a miracle.”

Lee was arrested after deputies found him walking down Hwy 14 near Covington Pike. The 35-year-old will be sentenced next month.

Jonathan Lee

“I’m blind in my right eye and I’ll struggle the rest of my life with depth perception issues, vision impairment,” Frans said. “I just wish things like this would never happen but there is crime and we have to be accountable for our actions.”

Frans prays Lee can get on a better path.

“There’s always hope,” Frans said. “You never give up on anyone.”