MEMPHIS, Tenn. — This week, a group of men were seen on camera illegally dumping mounds of trash in Parkway Village, and it has led to outrage across the community.

People who work nearby say this has been happening for years and you can see tonight the trash is still here as the city conducts its investigation into who’s responsible.

Mounds of trash including everything from a couch, doors, and tires are dumped in Parkway Village. This disgusting display is sparking anger across the community.

Community members are frustrated by the disregard for proper disposal.

The majority of the debris coming from a drop off Tuesday evening. Video obtained by WREG shows two men unloading a Uhaul full of debris and placing it in a field along Cherry Center Drive. Those who work nearby worry about how this could affect businesses.

A city of Memphis spokesperson told us their environmental code enforcement team is investigating dumping at the site. Also that private property owners  are responsible for preventing acts of illegal dumping and aggressive littering. However, city crews were seen picking up some of the after we started asking questions.

“I definitely think it’s something that they should chime in on,” Lavar Earl said.

Lavar Earl, who cleans cars in the area, believes the responsibility falls on the property owners and is calling for the city to take a more aggressive approach to address an ongoing issue.

“They ought to fine them and if you can’t keep your land clean with in a year, they ought to take it and just put it on the market, that’s how I feel, Earl said. “If you can’t up keep on the land then ain’t no purpose of having it.”

Illegal dumping violators could be arrested or forced to pay a fine, if they are caught. At the end of day, many say it’s about taking pride in your community.

“Respect your area, respect where you stay at where you live, Earl said. “You want to live in a beautiful area, beautiful place you don’t want to go out and see trash you want to see clear land.”

At last check then men responsible for dumping trash have not been caught.

As a reminder, if you see someone illegally dumping, the city said to call 311 to report it.