MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  A homicide is under investigation after Memphis Police responded to a Parkway Village apartment complex over the weekend.

Detectives are not confirming the victim’s identity or the cause of death, but they did say the investigation continues.

One woman living in the complex said what’s also continuing is the criminal activity.

“I hate that happened to that girl. They say I know her. They said she was laying by the car in the parking lot. And somebody walked by and found her,” a resident told WREG.

People living in the complex say broken and non-functioning gates make it easy for criminals to get inside.

Memphis Police said detectives did investigate a homicide at the Oak Ridge Apartments, near south Goodlett and Winchester. The complex was formerly known as Wingood Manor.

The woman we spoke to said she desperately wants answers. Considering the victim, she believes it was someone she knew.

She adds, although this complex has undergone a name change, what remains the same is having to live in fear.

“If you are scared to come out of your own house, scared somebody is going to jack you up and take your car? Yep, they will do that here,” the woman said.

She is hoping those in charge will hear the sound of her crying out for change before more death makes its way back to the complex.

WREG reached out to management at Oak Ridge, and we were told that several bids have come in regarding repairs needed to fix the broken gates.

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They couldn’t give an exact date but said the effort to have them replaced is in the works.

As far as allegations regarding lack of security, management said they rely on MPD’s SkyCop cameras mounted throughout the complex.