MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Rumors surrounding Memphis Shelby County Schools Superintendent Dr. Joris Ray’s personal life have now led to a full-fledged investigation.

While Ray is apologizing for the controversy, parents say it’s hard to trust someone who isn’t honest at home.

Thursday, Memphis Shelby County Superintendent Ray is in the hot seat for his own divorce drama. Wednesday night, during an emergency meeting, the MSCS board voted to launch an external review into allegation of impropriety against Ray.

The board wouldn’t say what the allegations are, but parents are sharing what they know.

“As far as I know, he’s being investigated because he put people in authority that were not qualified for the position but they slept their way to the top,” Jermar Wilkins said, a concerned parent.

WREG obtained Ray’s divorce documents. In those documents, he admits to having affairs during his marriage. Several women are named who could possibly be district employees.

“I understand people go through things. Everybody go through things, but if you have multiple affairs, you lying to us about who you truly are,” Davida Abston, another concerned parent said.

Ray issued this apology to the public that reads in part:

“I am confident that my private actions have not broken any rules of conduct nor violated any policies,” Ray said. “I apologize that my private life has become a public distraction from the serious educational work that remains to be done.”

“He need to straighten up his private life, because it’s affecting his public life and he needs to walk with more integrity,” Wilkins said.

As of Thursday night, the board said Ray can continue in his role.

“He is the face our students see. He is someone the kids look up to. We want to continue to make sure that credibility is there,” Rev. Althea Green, MSCS Board said.

His credibility is now being questioned some parents.

“Some child, some parent is looking up to you, and if you are to be the example and you are not forthcoming and honest about your truly are, then how are we to trust you?” Abston said.

As for what’s next, the board says it has to hire an attorney for the investigation.