MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Dozens of parents gathered at the First Baptist Church Thursday night to better understand why the man responsible for making a threat at the church’s preschool is not facing charges.

Some parents at an East Memphis preschool are concerned for their children’s safety after a threat was made against the school, but police say they don’t believe the children are in any danger.

Parents say they won’t send their children to the First Baptist daycare on Poplar until the man who made the threat is locked up. However, according to Memphis Police, that man is free and the case is closed. 

Some parents we spoke with after Thursday night’s meeting were in tears. One mother made a tearful plea to get a man responsible for making at least one threat to the school off the streets. 

“The individual is still in the community, is still exhibiting behaviors of instability,” said the concerned mother.

It started Friday when a man trespassed on the property and referenced song lyrics that involved shooting children once he was asked to leave. According to a police report, he was taken to Memphis Mental Health Institute for an emergency evaluation. 

At that point, a mother, who didn’t want to be identified, thought it was safe to send her child back to school, but she then learned he was released. She said this is a story we hear too often every time another school shooting happens 

The fear continued on Tuesday. According to another police report, another threat was called to the FBI prompting them to close the school. 

At the meeting Thursday night, Memphis Police Detective Christopher Parker said the department determined that call was not made by the suspect. He said they believe it was made by a concerned parent hoping to spark action. 

The only incident the suspect can be tied to, he says, is the situation on Friday and he says in that situation, there was nothing they were able to charge him with. 

Mayanne Waddell, the director of the school, said she feels like she has done more than the police to ensure the kids are safe. 

“I was able to line up an armed security solution for today and for tomorrow to get us through Thanksgiving break because the school will be closed all of next week,” said Waddell. “And we will be getting armed security to have on campus during school hours indefinitely.”

Parents still have many questions including why the man was released from the mental hospital and how the police can be sure he is not a threat.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Parker said as Tennessee law is written a preschool is not classified the same way as a regular school. He said the department was limited in the way they were able to handle the case. 

Parker assured the public that if this man ever steps foot on the church property again, he will be taken into custody.