MEMPHIS, Tenn. — There’s concern among parents after a Memphis-Shelby County Schools student was abducted on her way to school last week.

Memphis police reported a child was taken against her will by a man while walking to school in the area of Ethlyn and Silver, blocks away from Hamilton K-8. Her abductor was driving a black SUV.

Concerned parent Tiffani Miller told us the victim is friends with her niece.

“She’s very disturbed, and all we can do is just pretty much try and comfort her, but it’s getting to the point that she don’t even want to be here,” she said.

Thankfully, police say the girl involved in this case was able to get away. It’s unclear how she was able to get away.

But this latest scare comes after the district issued a robocall last month following reports of a man driving in the area of Hamilton K-8 and Hamilton High, attempting to pick up students against their will.

At last check, MPD did not know if the incidents were connected.

Monday, we asked Memphis-Shelby County Schools about precautions being taken to keep students safe. The district said in part, “Our safety and security team has sent additional support and we have requested additional patrols from local law enforcement.”

Teachers we talked to said they’ve spoken to students about having a buddy system, traveling in groups, and going straight home after school. The district also called on community support to keep students safe as they walk to and from school, not just in the Hamilton area but across the county.

We also reached out to police about the case and if they had any advice for the public. So far, we have not heard back.