MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Emotions are boiling over for a Desoto County schools mother after her daughter was ‘attacked’ by a parent during a fight this week.

She spoke exclusively with WREG. her message and the latest on the investigation.

The mother of one of the girls involved in the fight described this as an isolated incident between two people but said it quickly escalated after another parent decided to intervene.

This week Shaemeka Stinger saw something that no parent ever wants to see.

“I just hate that she wasn’t protected in that moment,” Shaemeka Stinger, Desoto County Schools parent said.

During a fight this week at Lake Cormorant High School, her 15 year-old daughter ended up getting hit repeatedly by the mother of the teen she was fighting.

“I don’t whoop my kids to see someone really punching my daughter, to see my daughter with a swollen eye and she’s there with ice on it — I feel bad my daughter,” Stinger said.

Prior to the fight, investigators said that the parent was let on campus by her daughter during dismissal. She told deputies that her child was allegedly being bullied.

In a statement about the incident, Desoto County Schools told WREG in part that “a parent got involved in an altercation with students outside of the building” and said they are pursing the maximum punishment for the parent.

As a result of Wednesday’s fight, four students were issued juvenile summons for simple assault and disturbance of school property. Meanwhile, Stinger says she will be waiting for everyone to be held accountable.

“A sorry is just not to go work for me. A sorry is not go just work for my daughter taken that pain, that’s gonna mess with my daughter for the rest of her life. She got beat in the face by a grown woman.”

WREG will let you know if the parent is officially charged.

The district also said they are reviewing their dismissal procedures to see if changes should be made.