MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  A young family was destroyed after a crash in Whitehaven.

“It’s like a never-ending nightmare,” said Ramone Smith, the brother of one of the victims.

Ramone Smith is mourning the loss of three loved ones killed in this horrific crash on Shelby Drive and Millbranch last Tuesday.

He says his 27-year-old brother Raylon Smith, along with his brother’s fiancé Asia McDaniels-Perkins and their one-year-old son Rio, all died.

Police say their Hyundai Kona collided with a Chevy Camaro as they tried to make a left turn. The other driver stayed on the scene.

“It’s really hard,” Smith added. “I couldn’t even put into words, what I saw.”

The only lone survivor was their 3-year-old daughter Europe. She is currently wearing a cast from the waist down as she recovers from a broken pelvis and lacerated liver among many other injuries.

“She called out for mom and dad. She said, ‘Mommy’s gone, daddy’s gone,” Smith said. “I think that’s the most hurtful part of this whole thing, you know having to hear her cry out for her parents and not even having the words to say to her.”

Smith says his brother awoke just long enough to leave Europe in his care.

“She’s such a bright child. That’s the one thing that’s kind of keeping me going knowing that she has such a full life ahead of her,” said Smith.

The cause of the crash is still unknown. However, family members believe reckless driving was a factor. They’re hoping justice is soon served.

“I would hope that MPD and the DA work together to bring some kind of charges to the forefront once they complete their investigation.”

Police have not said if any charges have been filed.

The family has started a GoFundMe to help pay for funeral costs. If you would like to help, click here.