MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG)– The Panola County Sheriff says they are investigating a threatening letter addressed to a member of the Panola County Board of Supervisors over road work.

Panola County Sheriff Shane Phelps said the handwritten letter was mailed to District 3 Supervisor John Thomas at the Panola County Courthouse in Batesville, Mississippi.

The sender threatened to kill Thomas and his family if the county did not start working on roads in Enid Shores.

“I know John personally; I know his wife and his kids, and so we are taking this very, very seriously,” said Sheriff Phelps.

Phelps said his deputies have been working overtime interviewing people and have a person interested in the case.

“We are hoping in the coming days we will be bringing someone in for questioning,” the sheriff said.

In the meantime, Phelps said deputies are doing extra patrols around the supervisor’s house.

“He has my number so he can call me straight if he feels like someone is following him or something like that or his wife as well,” said Phelps.

Sheriff Phelps said the person who wrote that letter faces a felony charge.