MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Pamela Moses has sued the state of Tennessee, Current district attorney Steve Mulroy and former district attorney Amy Weirich after an illegal voting case almost landed her six years in prison.

Moses is suing the defendants for emotional damages, stating she was punished for the errors of the state.

WREG was the first to report about Moses’ case, which exploded into the international spotlight after she was sentenced by a judge in January.

That same judge later granted her a new trial, saying information about a previous conviction should not have been considered by the jury, and that a document from probation officials was not disclosed at trial.

Former District Attorney Amy Weirich later dismissed the illegal registration case and the violation of probation against Moses “in the interest of judicial economy.”

Moses believes Weirich knowingly withheld evidence that would have exonerated her during the trial. Court documents state the Department of Corrections and Shelby County Election Commission acknowledged that they calculated the sentencing expiration incorrectly.

Moses spent 82 days in jail. She is asking for compensatory and punitive damages against the