MEMPHIS, Tenn.– We’re hearing from Pamela Moses after her illegal voting case was dropped by the Shelby County District Attorney last week.

WREG was the first to report about Moses’ case, which exploded into the international spotlight after she was sentenced by a judge to six years in prison.

But that same judge later granted her a new trial.

“The dream lives in me. I am the rose that grew from the concrete. And no matter how many times they kick me down, the rose will come back,” Moses said.

Pamela Moses spoke to us Monday, the day she was supposed to be in court for a new trial.

But Friday she got the phone call Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich’s office dismissed the illegal voting registration case and the violation of probation against her.

“Well I stand here today as someone others would call a convicted felon, but despite what the law says I am an American citizen and I am not the only innocent person who has been persecuted by a broken system,” Moses said.

Weirich said her team made the decision “in the interest of judicial economy”, saying “in total she has spent 82 days in custody on this case which is sufficient.”

“It is clear based on our current district attorney’s statement that she just wants to be right but my prayers did work so I’ll keep praying for her,” Moses said.

Moses, flanked by her supporters, encouraged the voters to hit the polls in this upcoming election and called for more civic education.

“Since I’m free, I want people to get out and vote,” she said. “Voting rights, people don’t understand the importance of them because they don’t understand that their vote matters. Their vote determines where all the money goes.”

Moses is now petitioning to get her voting rights back.