MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two men have been charged with violating “chop shop” laws after police say they were caught taking parts off of stolen cars.

According to Memphis Police, officers went to a home on North Evergreen Street near Hunter Avenue Wednesday evening after receiving a report of a stolen vehicle.

Memphis Police say officers saw two men taking parts off of two Infiniti vehicles. The men reportedly ran to a silver Dodge Challenger when they saw police, but they couldn’t drive away because the car was blocked in.

Police say they hit another vehicle before getting out and fleeing the scene on foot.

Memphis Police say officers later caught the men after calling in additional units.

According to police, when officers checked the vehicles the men were working on, they learned the vehicles were stolen. Police say the silver Dodge Challenger was also stolen.

Memphis Police have identified the men as 27-year-old Terence Norfork and 24-year-old Octavious Hawkins.

Norfork and Hawkins have both been charged with violation chop show law, several counts of theft of property, evading arrest and intentionally evading arrest in an automobile.

Police say Norfork also had warrants for another violation of chop shop law charge, two other theft of property charges and two counts of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to manufacture/deliver/sell.