MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The parent company that owns City Gear stores is pleading for help from local law enforcement as brazen thieves target the Memphis athletic stores again and again.

Wednesday, thieves tried to bust into the City Gear store at 4070 Elvis Presley Boulevard. Though they weren’t successful, the company says glass doors were broken and the security gate was pulled off track, causing thousands in damage.

It was the sixth incident at a Memphis City Gear store this month, and the fourth in a week, the company said.

“This is absolutely out of control,” said an official with Hibbett, the company that owns City Gear, in a letter sent to local prosecutors. “We are at a loss as we continue to add enhanced security, enhanced alarms, enhanced gates, and reinforcements but none seems to be working as our stores are burglarized and significantly damaged multiple times per week.” 

Last Thursday, thieves got away with $10,000 in merchandise from the City Gear store on South Third Street.

On Monday, thieves backed a box truck into the same Third Street store and got away with more. As the hole in the wall was being repaired and the store cleaned up, another wave of thieves ran inside and looted the store in broad daylight, with cameras running.

“We will continue to fortify our stores to further deter these brazen perpetrators. However, swift action needs to be taken to thwart these thieves and hold them accountable. As of this morning, we have sent notes to the District Attorney’s office that have been met without reply,” said a spokesperson with Hibbett.

Wednesday, Hibbett’s vice president of operations Robby Bullington reached out to the Shelby County District Attorney’s office, requesting a meeting with the office on the Memphis crime issue.

“This is absolutely not sustainable for our stores in the Memphis area. We are desperate for help from local leaders and other outlets that can help us,” Bullington wrote.

Hibbett is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. The athletic fashion retailer owns 1,148 Hibbett and City Gear stores in 36 states nationwide.