MEMPHS, Tenn. — Vance Stacks, a male breast cancer survivor, is using his non-profit organization to donate gifts to children with sick parents.

“I’m excited. This is our second year and I’m so excited to help these children again and see their smiling faces,” says Stacks, CEO and founder of Pink Ain’t What You Think. 

Last year, his organization allowed kids to meet Santa and pick out Christmas presents. This year, they plan to give away presents to kids ages three months to 16 years old on December 16.

“Those children see their mother and father’s bodies change and see them crying at night and there’s nothing they can do about it. They’re affected by that,” says Stacks. 

For many parents, Stacks says, cancer takes not only a physical toll, but a financial one as well. It oftentimes makes it hard for parents to afford holiday gifts for their children. 

“This will be a tremendous help for these parents, a relief. They’re already worried about their health, and now they’re worried about their children. We want to take that worry about their children away,” says Stacks. 

Stacks knows that feeling all too well. 

“When I first started losing my hair, my granddaughter didn’t want to come to me. I had lost my beard and she hadn’t ever seen me without my beard,” said Stacks. 

He was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. After three surgeries, 27 rounds of chemo, and 32 rounds of radiation, he saw first-hand how cancer can affect a family. 

“We believe if you take care of the kids, it’s like medicine to the mother and father,” he said. 

Now, he sees first-hand how a little holiday cheer can affect families as well. 

“After feeling down and watching their mothers and fathers be sick for so long, we want to give them a happy moment. That’s why we do this,” said Stacks. 

If you would like to donate to help Toys of Love, visit