MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A homeless shelter in Orange Mound is one step closer to reopening after the city shut it down. When it does reopen, the shelter’s owner says the building will have a new purpose, and those without a home will have a new place to sleep at night.

“We are no longer going to shelter in our main facility. We are doing off-site sheltering and we are basically creating a pocket community that is going to house ten individuals,” said Brittney Thorton who owns the shelter.

New container homes are part of phase two of Juice Orange Mound’s reopening plan. The eight-by-eight units have been built up to code and will have air conditioning and heating along with a community bathroom, shower, washer, and dryer on site.

In late January, the main building that was serving as a homeless shelter was shut down after city officials said it was not safe for occupancy. Since then, they have been working to bring the building up to code.

“There are approximately six steps involved in the certificate of occupancy process so we have passed the first one,” said general contractor Dwayne Jones.

Once all the steps are passed, the main building will reopen as an office space. Thorton said the building will also serve as a place where they can offer resources for the homeless.

“Everyone that is actively involved in this project, we are all natives of Orange Mound. We are lovers of Orange Mound. Orange Mound is a very big part of our personal stories and we care,” Thorton said.

She said the plan is to get people who will be living in the container homes off the streets and into homeownership.

“We’re wanting to phase it out and just continue to push the envelope of what it means to take someone from the streets to homeownership. So for us, the tiny homes is the most premier version of that where we will actually be able to offer someone their own personal home,” Thorton said.

“We plan to combine all three lots and put approximately ten to twelve tiny homes ranging from 200 to 300 square feet,” Jones said.

The container homes should be ready for tenants within the next month.