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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It is day three of the weekend storm aftermath, and people living in Orange Mound say they are in need of help.

Officials confirm that 54-year-old Lisa Taylor was killed when a tree fell on her home on Laurel Street. Vernita Jones, who lives right around the corner, said a tree barely missed her home.

“I just thank God that we’re still alive because the tree went that way instead of coming this way,” Jones said.

She also said she has power, but her neighbors aren’t so lucky.

To keep his phone on, Daryl Jenkins said he has to run a power cord from his car battery to his house after a tree knocked off his home’s meter box.

Timothy Scott said he and his six family members were home when a tree from a neighbor’s yard was uprooted and thrown into his house.

“I said ‘Everybody go to the hallway! Everybody go to the hallway,'” Scott said. “Just as we went to the hallway, it’s a hallway in the back, that’s when the tree fell on the house and we heard the house.”

Scott said no one was injured and they are now staying with relatives.

MLGW says they are expecting power to be fully restored to everyone by midnight.