Memphis, Tenn. — People living in a South Memphis neighborhood are on edge after an overnight shooting sends a man to the hospital.

Neighbors say the beloved South Memphis community they once knew is long gone.

“Now it’s drug infested. There’s so many young cats coming through and it’s just totally messed up now,” one man said.

This disappointment comes after a man was gunned down overnight near the intersection of South Parkway and Florida Street around 1 a.m. Friday.

The man was rushed to the hospital.

People in the area say the entire incident happened in less than three minutes.

Memphis police have not released many details on what led to this shooting.

The neighbor says he hopes something or someone will intervene to bring an end to the violence that plagues his community.

“There’s too much crime in this neighborhood. So, they need to bring somebody over here to slow this down,” the man said.

We reached out to Memphis Police to learn the condition of the victim and learn more about the suspect. We have not received a response.