MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police responded to a shooting in Hickory Hill that left one person injured Friday morning.

The family says the shooting was the result of a love triangle between a woman, her boyfriend, and her ex-boyfriend.

Police said the shooting happened on the 6300 block of Creek Mist Cove around 5 a.m.

The woman’s father said the ex-boyfriend was banging on his daughter’s door while calling her phone.

He said her current boyfriend shot him and then ran away.

The ex-boyfriend was taken to Baptist Hospital in non-critical condition. He later came back to the crime scene limping on one foot.

He would not speak with us but was seen exchanging words with the woman’s father.

“We’re dealing with this every other night now and it breaks my heart you know because she’s just terrified in her own home,” neighbor Andy Schmidt said.

Schmidt said he and his wife are fed up.

The father said his daughter had been harassed for weeks allegedly by her ex-boyfriend. Schmidt told us he’s seen him outside the woman’s house before.

“He gets arrested out here every other week,” Schmidt said.

At this time, police have not made any arrests