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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — For the 18th year, Thanksgiving dinner is served at Westy’s in downtown Memphis.

The restaurant teamed up with Lindenwood Christian Church and Operation BBQ Relief to feed the less fortunate this Thanksgiving holiday.

Jake Schorr, the owner of Westy’s, says he feels it’s his duty to serve those in his community.

“People want to eat, and a lot of people can’t afford what we may take for granted,” Schorr said.

“We want to bless others but we end up getting the blessing,” Minister with Lindenwood Christian Church, Steve Herrington, said.

Lanny Fowler is one of the dozens of volunteers hoping to be that blessing for someone — especially since he’s recently lost so much.

“He just couldn’t cope with the world anymore,” Fowler said.

Fowler says his son died two weeks ago. 

Just hours before arriving at Westy’s this morning, he learned his rental home exploded injuring his step-son and his step-son’s girlfriend. He says both are going to be ok.

Despite everything he’s going through, Fowler says he’s still thankful.

“Doing things like this comforts me,” Fowler said.

Schorr says as long as there is a need in his community, they will continue serving meals, and he’s calling on others to join in.

“I challenge other groups to take care of their area or their neighborhood. People will come,” Schorr said.

Organizers say they planned on feeding more than 1,000 people.