MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A man has been charged after two officers were injured in a crash involving a Memphis police car in Grahamwood.

That makes a total of four City of Memphis first responders who have been hit by cars within the last 48 hours.

Monday evening, two MPD officers were rushed to the hospital after a crash in the Grahamwood area, according to the Memphis Police Department.

Both officers were taken to the hospital in non-critical condition after an SUV collided with a squad car on North Graham outside of the Grahamwood Cleaners around 5 p.m.

MPD says officers were in the area attempting to make a traffic stop when 40-year-old Jesus Aguirre drove his vehicle into the officers. He was detained at the scene.

A witness told us he initially pulled off on the side of Grahamwood Cleaners like he had a drop-off but when an officer pulled up behind him, he pulled around the other side of the building and slammed into another police cruiser.

Aguirre has been charged with assault against first responder, driving with license suspended/revoked/canceled, evading arrest, reckless driving, resisting official detention, and violation of vehicle registration law.

Investigators say Aguirre had several warrants out for his arrest. He was wanted for several charges going back to August including evading arrest and reckless driving.

Aguirre also has a history with law enforcement and arrests going back to 2001.

Kay Montague was passing by when it happened.

“I saw this lady come speeding like she was running from somebody,” said Montague. “But you get so used to it because people just drag race and they speed. This has to stop.”

The crash comes on the heels of two incidents involving emergency response vehicles.

Early Sunday morning, two Memphis firefighters were injured after being hit by a car while working a crash on I-240. The driver believed to be responsible is now facing charges.

On Friday, a TDOT worker was killed on I-55 while inspecting a bridge.

Fire Chief Gina Sweat is now calling for stricter penalties for drivers who don’t heed the state’s Move Over Law.

“It’s ridiculous that they don’t want respect emergency response vehicles. I need to say something to the citizens of Memphis. I need them to slow down and they need to move over,” said Fire Chief Gina Sweat.

They are stiffer laws that Montague would like to see in place.

“People are not respectful of anything or anyone. They have no respect for the red light or the siren,” she added. “Until something changes where people can actually get some common courtesy and decency nothing is going to change.”

At this time police have not said if the driver in this latest accident will face any charges.