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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Saturday morning, residents at the Summit apartments in Raleigh woke up to the sounds of gunfire rather than an alarm clock.

When the shooting was over one man was dead. According to MPD, officers were called to a shooting at 2810 Summit Arbors Circle.

“I just heard two shots, it was by my window. they were real loud but it was just two of them,” a resident told us.

A man was found dead at the scene.

A woman who lives near where the shooting happened said she is shaken.

“It’s close by my door, very close by my door and it is very surprising, it is a little bit scary now,” a neighbor told us.

People who live here say they have experienced several car breaks in’s over the years. However, they say since they have been here, this is the first time they can think of someone being shot and killed.

“We never had problems over here like that every. as far as someone getting killed that I know of and I have been here for five years,” a neighbor told us.

We spoke to a man who identified himself as the on-site resource officer. He said some residents say despite his presence, this shooting is making them rethink their living arrangements.

“It’s time to leave here — cause if they only have one car and one vehicle surviving both this side and that side, it’s a huge complex — it’s not good, a neighbor told us.”

Officers said they detained one man on the scene.