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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One person has been arrested and one person is already behind bars who police said was picked out of a lineup by an eyewitness for his part in the shooting – during a funeral procession.

It has been a little over a week, when lives and families were forever changed.

“It’s just sad, it’s just really sad,” Dentrecia Robinson said, one of the victim’s cousins.

October 23, Emmit Beasley, while taking part in a funeral procession in North Memphis, was gunned down along Hunter Avenue.

His family is now overcome with grief.

“These young people don’t have no type of respect for life,” Robinson said. “They don’t have no type of remorse for anything… And now they taking my cousin. My cousin, we have to get ready to bury my cousin.”

We met Dentrecia Robinson, moments after she learned her younger cousin Emmit was shot and killed.

A second teen was also shot but survived after surgery.

“When is the violence in Memphis is going to stop? It’s a cowardly, senseless crime,” Robinson said.

A crime, where two other young people are now charged. We are just learning a teenager is the latest to be arrested in connection to this incident.

Rico Lee is facing a first-degree murder and an attempted murder charge. The 18-year-old was taken into custody three days after 22-year-old David Lee was also arrested for the shooting.

Family said this tragedy was further compounded by how they learned about the attack.

“It’s sad we had to find out on Facebook and Instagram, and social media,” Robinson said. “Before we made it to the scene.”

As of November 2, two men have been charged. David Lee and most recently Rico Lee have been charged. Both are behind bars without bond.

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