MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A judge has dismissed federal charges against state Sen. Katrina Robinson in a money-laundering case, one of two cases she faced this year.

Judge Sheryl Lipman dismissed an indictment from January involving an alleged wire fraud scheme involving tuition payments at her nursing school in Cordova. According to court documents, the state senator has agreed to complete a 12-month diversion period, similar to supervised release.

Robinson, along with co-defendants, were accused splitting the money paid by a man who thought he was paying someone’s tuition at the nursing school Robinson runs in Hickory Hill,

Robinson could have the fraud charges wiped from the records if she follows the steps laid out in the plea agreement.

This case was separate from the one in which Robinson was convicted in September. She was accused of stealing $600,000 from The Healthcare Institute, a certified nursing school she founded, and spending the money on personal expenses.

Robinson was found guilty on four counts of wire fraud in that case, although a judge dismissed 15 other counts. Sentencing in that case is weeks away.