OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. — The Mayor of Olive Branch is taking a bold step to encourage residents with out-of-state tags to purchase a Mississippi license plate or face a hefty fine.

City officials say they are cracking down and “blitzing” neighborhoods, looking for violations.

“They’re going to be looking and they’re going to be noticing, so come in and get your vehicle registered where you need to be,” warned Amanda Jenkins, deputy clerk in the Desoto County Tax Collector’s Office in Olive Branch.

She and her staff handle vehicle license tag renewals. They are gearing up for an increase in business after the City of Olive Branch announced a crackdown on out-of-state vehicle tags.

Olive Branch Mayor Ken Adams released a statement saying he has received numerous calls regarding out-of-state tags on vehicles housed in the city.

“The Olive Branch Police Department is implementing a robust campaign to address violators and will be blitzing subdivisions,” the statement read, in part.

Jenkins says if your car is parked in Olive Branch longer than 30 days consecutively, that vehicle needs to have a Mississippi tag on it.

In Olive Branch, the fine for intentionally displaying an out-of-state plate while living in Mississippi is $659.28.

According to Mayor Adams, it’s a matter of fairness for residents who already comply with the law.

Jenkins says she doesn’t know how many notices police have handed out, but word of the crackdown is bringing more drivers to her office.

“We’ve had several people already come in trying to get what they need to get to get their vehicles registered. So, I feel like over time it’s going to get even more populated with people coming in,” she said.

The city of Olive Branch has not said how many violations have been handed out so far.