MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A man is dead after being shot by a deputy in Dyer County, TN, on Sunday.

According to reports, deputies responded to a domestic violence call in the 100 block of Carrie Street. The man fled the scene and was later found sitting in a pickup truck at a home on Beaver Road.

Officers say the man had a handgun, and they tried to disarm him for over an hour. He fired shots, and the deputy returned fire, according to the Dyer County Sheriff’s Office.

The man, identified as Terry Noel by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. No officers were hurt in the incident.

“He had a family that loved him and welcomed him with open arms back into all of our lives,” said a family member of Noel who didn’t want to be identified.

What led to Noel’s death started a house in the Roellen Community where we’re told Noel got into a physical altercation with his father, according to the family member. Noel may have been under the influence of drugs at the time.

Noel’s father suffered minor injuries including a broken tooth. Dyer County Deputies were called but Terry Noel left his father’s house and drove to an address on Beaver Road.

According to the TBI, deputies went to the address to serve Noel with a warrant connected to the earlier domestic violence incident, but Noel, who was armed, sat in a white pickup truck and refused to get out.

“They tried to make him understand that this domestic charge was a misdemeanor, that he would just be in jail 12 hours and then get a bond. It wasn’t the end of the world,” said Noel’s family member.

The family member believes deputies tried to avoid a fatal outcome.

“This ended the only way it could have ended. It ended the exact way that Terry wanted it to go,” the family member said.

The TBI said they are still investigating this incident. The names of the deputies involved have not been released.