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MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Employees at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital have some serious concerns after one employee’s experience heading home from work goes viral.

It’s usually busy but one nurse at Le Bonheur said it was eerily quiet when she walked out of work Monday and into a terrifying situation. 

“At three in the afternoon, there’s usually lots of people around. And that’s when I kind of looked up and realized, I’m all by myself. There’s no security here, there’s no security in their little booth that they have. It’s just me and this man,” she said.

She wishes to remain anonymous, but told us as she was walking to her car, she spotted a disheveled man, who immediately started yelling at her. She said he didn’t appear to be in his right mind. 

“He met up with me in the median and that’s where he started saying things like, ‘Come on baby. Come with me, come with me. Where are you going so fast, baby? Come with me’ and trying to get me to come with him,” she said.

The nurse said he continued to follow her as she tried to get away. Thankfully, she was able to make it back to the hospital safely and call for help. 

Crime reports in the area show 26 reported robberies and assaults in the last month all within a half-mile radius of the hospital. 

In 2019, a Le Bonheur employee was shot in the face while walking to her car. The victim of Monday’s incident said things changed for a few months after that, but things have returned to the way they were.

She says security is a legitimate concern. Several people are calling on the hospital to improve safety protocols for their employees. 

“There used to be a shuttle that shuttled employees from the parking lot to the hospital, something like that would be helpful,” the woman said. “Long term what really needs to be done is some secure way that employees can get into the hospital without having to walk by everyone out there.”

In a statement, Le Bonheur told WREG that keeping employees and families safe is their top priority. They said they have 24-hour security, and officers are available to escort employees to and from their cars upon request, adding they are also always trying to improve security by “adding officers, lighting, and additional patrols on campus.”