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NORTHAVEN, Tenn. – – Northaven residents joined together in prayer Friday evening as they rallied against violence and honored a man shot and killed Tuesday afternoon.

30-year-old Andre Harwell was gunned down outside the Penny Pantry convenience store on Breckenwood Drive.

Andre Harwell (right)

His grandmother Anna Harwell is beside herself.

“There was no need him getting slaughtered like that,” she said. “One of the guys who work in the store, he told me when (Andre) was laying on the ground (Andre) told me tell my grandmother I love her to death.”

Deputies are still looking for the gunmen and, so far, investigators haven’t said why Harwell was shot.

“I was surprised when it happened because it seem like everybody know him, just everybody and he was a happy person,” Anna Harwell said. “I never knew him to bring no harm to nobody or nothing.”

Pastor Hosea Houston with Pleasant Chapel Church led Friday’s prayer service. He’s calling for peace after 10 assaults and 4 aggravated assaults in the Northaven area since Jan. 1st.

“There’s a saying going around if you see something say something. Well, I saw something the other day and I’m saying something. We gonna speak up on what we see when we see something that’s not right,” Pastor Houston said. “Let that change start in your home.”

Anna Harwell hopes whoever took Andre’s life is caught soon.

“I hope they suffer the consequences for doing that because my grandson was a good, young man,” she said.

Workers at the convenience store say they gave surveillance video of the shooting to investigators.