MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Despite her young age, nine-year-old Kirsten Mull is becoming an advocate and told WREG that it is not only adults who are reeling from the aftermath of violence but also children.

“Why did they have to do it to him,” Kirsten said. “Why do people come out just to keep killing other people’s kids and stuff?”

Bullets flew across Beale Street over the weekend and killed one person while injuring two.

The Sherwood fourth grader was out this weekend with her family taking steps for change. Lisa Mull’s nephew was just 11 years old when an accidental shooting claimed his life in 2019.

Mull is not connected to the Beale Street shooing, but she and her granddaughter said they understand the pain gun violence can leave.

“Until it hits home, you really don’t feel and understand,” Mull said. “You hear it a lot, but so, my nephew got killed. I just want to bring awareness to people being responsible and held accountable for those bullets to come out of those guns.”

Sadly, that message came too late for the men who police say carried out the street shooting here in the downtown district.

“I hate to see my mother cry, because it hit my heart and make it touch like something is wrong,” Kirsten said.

Kirsten also leads a group referred to as “Kids Lives Matter 2” with a mission to serve with purpose and passion. With the help of her grandmother, she said they are doing what they can when it comes to gun violence prevention.