MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It’s Elvis Week, and the NICU babies at St. Francis Hospital are paying homage to the Memphis icon and King of Rock and Roll in style.

St. Francis Hospital is known for dressing up the babies for different holidays, but going all out for Elvis Week is a first. NICU nurse manager Maggie Dibble came up with the idea.

“We dress the babies up for a number of other holidays and thought, ‘Why not Elvis Week?'” Dibble said.

The bejeweled costumes, black crochet wigs with side burns, and props such as a microphone were created with a hunk of burning love by several current and former NICU nurses. Two of the little ones were also dressed as bride and groom to channel Elvis and Priscilla Presley.

“Everyone on the NICU team has gotten into this,” Dibble said. “One of our neonatologists, who loves to take photographs as hobby, volunteered to photograph the babies, and all our staff from the nurses to the respiratory therapists have had a hand in dressing the babies up. It makes such a special and fun memory for the parents and is a wonderful nod to a figure who is such a part of Memphis music history.”

Elvis Week is from Aug. 9 to 17.