MEMPHIS, Tenn.– WREG is continuing to push for answers about why a newborn baby was abandoned at a Binghamton apartment complex.

A newborn baby was found outside the door of an apartment Wednesday evening. Those who live in the area say it was naked.

At last check the baby is expected to be okay.

For many across Memphis, hearts were broken as they learned of the unexpected discovery at this apartment complex.

“They had to keep him warm to take him hospital. You (can’t) leave the baby out in the cold, you could have at least left him in the hospital,” said concerned neighbor James Crawford.

Under Tennessee’s Safe Haven law mothers of newborns can give up their babies within two weeks of birth without being prosecuted at designated facility such as a fire stations.

“There is one in every community in this city. Know where your fire stations are. Talk to the young children in your neighborhood to let them that this is a positive alternative for them,” said Lieutenant Wayne Cooke of the Memphis Fire Department “We just hate that this happened.”

For more information on designated safe havens in Tennessee and where to find one, click here.

Tennessee Department of Children’s services confirmed with WREG they are investigating but did not say if the infant would be taken into state’s custody.

Lieutenant Cooke said most of the women who surrender their children at fire stations are young.

“It happens a lot to younger mothers who are frightened, they have kept that burden hidden from parents and we want them to know that there is a place that they can safely leave their child without any legal ramifications,” he said.

Memphis Police have been in contact with mother of the child. As of now, she is not facing any charges. Meanwhile, the community just hopes this doesn’t happen again 

“Children are innocent, children are innocent and we never want that situation to where a child is not able to care for themselves are left,” said Lieutenant Cooke.

We’re hoping to learn more about the child’s future in the coming days.