MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Many Memphians rang in the new year without power after storms damaged powerlines across Shelby County. WREG Weather Experts are watching the skies for the latest developments.

Below, are images from Humes and Larchmont where power lines sustained damage.

To report an outage to MLGW, call 901-544-6500. To view current outages, visit the MLGW Outage Map.

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As of 5 PM on January 2, there are 58 outages affecting 2,395 customers.

As of 10 AM on January 2, there are 66 outages reported that are affecting 1,667 customers.

As of 7 PM, there are 83 outages reported affecting 3,368 customers.

As of 5 PM, there are 84 reported outages affecting 3,307 customers.

As of 4 PM, there are 101 reported outages affecting 3,585 customers.

As of 3 PM, there are 73 reported outages affecting 3,351 customers.

As of 2 PM, there are 77 reported outages and approximately 5,880 customers affected.

As of 1 PM, there are 82 outages reported and nearly 6000 customers affected.

As of 10:55 am, there are 94 outages affecting over 4700 people. MLGW crews are working to restore power.