MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Security guards at bars across the state of Tennessee will now have to go through additional training under a new law. 

Some Tennessee businesses that utilize security guards will now have to make sure those guards meet the requirements listed under Dallas’ Law.

Under the law, unarmed and armed security guards will have to undergo de-escalation training and become CPR certified.

The law is named after Dallas “DJ” Barrett – a Nashville man who died during an altercation with bar security last year.

Four of the six security guards were unlicensed.

Samuel Dixson has been a security guard for 30 years.

“A lot of security officers that are out here now, they’re young and some of them are gung-ho,” Dixson said.

He says his license is up later this year, and he plans on meeting all requirements when he renews.

“Some of us need to go back through training as far as CPR and how to de-escalate certain situations. You don’t add fuel to the fire,” Dixson said.

When the law goes into effect, businesses that do not comply may have to pay a fine.

One Beale Street bar owner we spoke to who didn’t want to go on camera says it’s already difficult finding quality security guards and this law will make things harder and more expensive.

“I really think there’s going to be a shortage because a lot of folks are not going to want to go through it,” Dixson said.

Dixson says the current average armed security guard makes around $15 an hour, but with the new requirements, he believes business owners will have to pay more for the added protection.

The law goes into effect on Jan. 1st.