MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The new Shelby County Clerk’s office in Southeast Memphis is not ready to open yet and the staff has not been trained.

Although, according to Shelby County Commissioners, Clerk Wanda Halbert told them the office on Riverdale Road would be ready for business by at least June 3rd.

Last month Halbert told WREG, “We got some good news from the county commission. They’re going to be working on making sure we get our new Riverdale facility open”.

On Friday, there were drive-through boxes that had been set up along with computer monitors and office furniture inside. But Shelby County Commissioners confirm to WREG that the Riverdale office isn’t ready to be opened.

“I know that it won’t open up on Saturday just based on an email that we received from the consultant that we have with the county to let us know there are some other processes that need to take place before it’s done and hiring new people and them being trained,” said Charlie Caswell, Shelby County Commissioner. “They’re not going to be ready.”

“It is disheartening. I will say it’s not surprising. It’s really just more of the same from the clerk’s office and it is very unfortunate for citizens,” said Mick Wright, Shelby County Commissioner.

The Riverdale office was initially supposed to open in the fall of last year. Halbert is also facing the possible closure of the Poplar Plaza location at Poplar and Highland and having problems with the Whitehaven location.

“I continue to hear from constituents virtually every day who are waiting the long lines and I think that’s going to get even worse,” Wright said.

Halbert has asked for more funding for the upcoming fiscal year to address the problem, but commissioners are divided over whether Halbert should be ousted from office.

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“I continue to push for that. I know there are things that the county can do to at least initiate ouster proceedings on the clerk,” Wright said. “Certainly citizens could initiate a recall process if they wanted to.”

“I’m for again supporting the clerk and trying to move these things forward. I think it’s a road map being placed to speed up this process and that it’s going to get better. Sadly, we’ve had a lot of rough roads,” Caswell said.

WREG did reach out to Clerk Halbert’s office today for comment but never heard back.