MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Friday is night one of a new traffic plan in Downtown Memphis to help curb crime following last weekend’s mass shooting.

New barriers have been implemented by the Memphis Police Department after a barrage of bullets flew in Downtown Memphis last weekend, striking eight people.

Thursday, Memphis Police released the map of what the department is calling a “New Pedestrian Friendly Traffic Control Plan”. Starting at 8 p.m. Friday,  Saturday, and Sunday nights, there will be more police patrolling the area.

There will also be a perimeter mainly bordering Union Avenue, Second Street, Martin Luther King Drive, and Danny Thomas Boulevard, with officers restricting traffic flow on multiple streets in between.

“I know it’s a good thing,” said Khadijah Muhammad, manager of Sage Restaurant. “They’re trying to block off the streets to prevent all this stuff from happening, but it’s going to be a little chaotic.” 

Police and Shelby County deputies will flood the area enforcing a “no cruising zone ordinance”.

“It’s going to be a little hard because of course my employees working here are trying to get down here,” Muhammad said.

The department says officers will also enforce a zero-tolerance policy for several violations including drag racing, reckless driving, and gunfire in hopes of eliminating pop-up parties that might lead to chaos.

While fighting crime is a top concern as car break-ins rise, some say this plan could hurt businesses.

“I like the idea of it because it’s going to add safety. Which is a big thing that has been going on in the city,” said Memphis resident Ken Williams. “But I’m just concerned over the businesses and parking is already crazy out here as is.”

As officers block off roads, MPD says that they will also help people trying to get to certain businesses and hotels.