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HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. — History was made in Holly Springs with the elections of the city’s first African American female mayor and the first African American female alderman of Ward Four.

Mayor Sharon Gipson was sworn in Saturday and Wednesday afternoon, Patricia Lesuer Merriweather took the oath as Ward Four alderman.

“I’m humbled to be the first elected African American female for this position of alderman of Ward 4,” said Patricia Lesueur Merriweather.

Her 89-year-old mother Hazel Lesueur held the Bible as the new alderman took her oath.

Merriweather, a proud product of Holly Springs’ educational system, is ready to get back to her roots as an alderman.

“I am a firm believer that, that which God has blessed you with, that you should certainly not forget the bridge that brought you over,” she said.

Merriweather, a semifinalist for Mid-South Remarkable Woman of the Year and featured on News Channel 3, is excited to be serving alongside Gipson in what she calls historical and inspirational roles.

“We see that as an opportunity for other young African American young ladies to see and to say, ‘Oh my goodness, I can do this too. It is possible.’”

Merriweather plans to focus on better services for the elderly and opportunities for youth, improving the infrastructure, creating jobs and reducing crime.

She vows she’ll keep her campaign promise and immediately get into the neighborhoods to meet with constituents.

Two other aldermen were also sworn in Wednesday and all will start working Thursday.

Their first official meeting is July 20 but first, they’ll go through training and then start on the budget.