MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thieves targeted a non-profit weeks away from the grand opening of its new location to help girls in Frayser.

It’s been said no good deed goes unpunished. The sentiment proves to be true as vandals hit the new Girls Inc. of Memphis‘ location on Dellwood Ave in Frayser.

“For us its heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking because we’re working diligently to prepare for the grand opening,” said Angela Johnson, development manager with Girls Inc.

Johnson said it was shocking to discover over the weekend thieves had broken through the gate. Between the stolen goods and the vandalism, they’re left with $100,000 in damages.

“We had quite a bit of heavy equipment that was moved. Some our containers were moved. Some of our refrigerators were stolen, our air conditioning units were stolen,” she said.

Previously, this location was the organization’s youth farm. It’s supposed to be the hub of empowerment and inspiration for hundreds of girls with a grand opening date originally set for October 21.

“We’re hoping it doesn’t delay us too bad,” Johnson said.

She said the facility has been vandalized three other times before this incident and the constant thefts could impact services for the girls.

“Right now, we are in a position where we have not been charging our parents,” Johnson said. “With the money, we’ll need to replace these items it will effect what the parents actually pay out of pocket.”

Johnson hopes the good seeds sown by this organization in this community will harvest tips that help police.

“People are not getting out of here with this heavy equipment and moving full containers and damaging the building without anyone seeing anything. If anyone in the Frayser community has information, please contact the MPD,” she said.

Johnson said as of right now, the grand opening is still on track.